Business Model | The interaction between Consumers & THINK8 ecosystem

  • 10 Billion THINK8 tokens are going to be released in this entire project, details are as followings:

  • Medal allocation (100.000 units): 4 billions THINK8 tokens (account for 40%)

- Only 1.000 medals will be sold at each stage to the community

- Users can utilize 1S2M physical shoes/other IoT devices that connect with the THINK8 system (Application) to join Sport Metaverse (including events, challenges, games, social activities, training activities). Then they are required to complete the assigned tasks from the THINK8 system (for instance: fulfill 300km to upgrade from Iron Medal to Bronze Medal) to upgrade the Medal level & earn (mining) more THINK8 tokens.

- With the THINK8 token, users are able to spend on Sport Metaverse to earn more or hold for investing & gaining share revenue from the THINK8 company.

  • Other allocations: 6 billion THINK8 tokens (60%) will be allocated to private/public sale, marketing, reward, staking, team, advisors, and liquidity & listing.

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