Business Model | Consumer Journey

Step 1a: Register - Buy a Medal

  • Unlike other cryptocurrencies, what we need to get is not about the token, but a combo with a lot of joy. By owning a Medal, users can choose a combo:

- Iron Medal: THINK8 Token + NFT Box

- Bronze Medal: THINK8 Token + NFT Box + Physical IoT Shoes with a more reasonable price

NOTE: With each Medal, you will only get 20% Tokens of the max quantity at the TGE stage.

For example, with Iron Medal, the max THINK8 Tokens you will get is 8,000 Tokens in total. At the TGE stage, you will only have 20% of the total amount (=1,600 Tokens) and the rest of them will be vested weekly in 4 months (=400 THINK8 Tokens/week).

Medals can be upgraded to higher levels by completing required running distance within a certain period of time.

Step 1b: Register - Become a THINK8 member & Earn:

THINK8 Token: Holders can choose one of 03 options below for Staking:

  • Deposit for interest without locking THINK8 token

  • Lock THINK8 Token within 06 -12 months to get a high interest rate and share revenue from THINK8 company

  • Liquidity pool get more interest rate for THINK8 and higher share revenue from THINK8 company

NFT Premium Box (unveiling random NFT shoes):

  • Sell in marketplace

  • Collect & Upgrade

  • Exchange to other players

  • Complete challenges in gameplay

Physical shoes:

  • Daily run to gain Rewards

  • Join Events, Challenges in the THINK8 Community

  • Hire others to run & generate THINK8 Token

  • For others to rent

About Physical shoes

  • 1S2M smart shoes license a reference platform with applications to capturing biometric data. The purpose is to create a more immersive experience in fashion, health and fitness, sports and finance.

  • The system consists of inserts for your shoes that contain sensors: Acceleration sensor and Pressure sensor:

1) Function

- Step count

- Distance moved

- Calories consumed

2) Integrated Modules

- Bluetooth 5.0

- 9 Axis Sensor

- Battery CR 2032 – 3 months

  • With lots of transactions and challenges taking place in the community, the THINK8 Token will increase the value itself.

Step 2: Workout daily & Get NFT pieces/other gifts

Step 3: Join Challenge | Event | Gamification

Step 4: Complete challenge | Event | Gamification

Step 5: Get reward & THINK8 Token

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