The core values of THINK8 Ecosystem

  • Create a new high-tech ecosystem where people can interact and experience exercising in a unique way that is beyond limits with a combination of THINK8 IoT devices.
  • Build workout habits and encourage people to exercise more by challenging, rewarding, … to have a healthier lifestyle.
  • Receive financial benefits by integrating blockchain platform to exchange more values
  • With the “MOVE to EARN” and “COLLECT to EARN” features, every action of you in THINK8 can create values (in health, finance, social connection, …)

MOVE to EARN - Where each movement can create values

With an ambition to create a perfect world where reality and virtuality unite, by applying IoTs and Blockchain into the Metaverse, every move you create in THINK8 Sport Metaverse is valuable. For example, when using our IoT wearables such as 1S2M IoT shoes, each time you accomplish a mission or win a challenge, you will not only gain better health but also earn yourself rewards in physical form (gifts, trophies, …) or digital form (THINK8 Tokens, NFT items, …) With the digital assets, you can trade them in the marketplace to earn more Tokens for staking or for buying tickets to join in more challenges.

COLLECT TO EARN - Make your assets become special & unique

“COLLECT to EARN” is a unique feature of THINK8, which can not be found anywhere else.
“COLLECT to EARN” allows users to earn exclusive benefits by completing collect challenges.
For example, if users complete collecting full serie of 12 NFT shoes from the Zodiac collection, you can earn yourself limited exclusive rewards:
+ The privilege of purchasing a pair of physical REAL shoes that can be customized in your style to express your personality. This pair of shoes is guaranteed to be the world's only item that will never exist the second one. Especially, who to be the fastest to satisfy all the requirements of the challenge and finish collecting every item requested can get them FREE! (Limited quantity)
+ Have the exclusive ticket to access some specific THINK8 challenges and earn more private benefits. Those who don’t have the full 12 Zodiac NFT shoes collection will have to pay a lot to have the ticket or must be in the VIP list.