Our solution

1S2M IoT shoes are the 1st product of THINK8 which is released to achieve all the above problems. Hence, it creates a strong motivation to help people improve their spirits and be more positive in practicing sports. Besides, 1S2M sneakers can help you to gain NFT rewards and more while you run.
What are the differences between 1S2M and regular sneakers?
  • Running process and points will be recorded by 1S2M and saved on the system. When saved points hit certain milestones (such as distance), they will be converted into blockchain and saved as NFT (medal).
  • NFTs are both achievements and valuable digital assets, completely owned by users, 100% unique, can’t be counterfeited or copied and can be exchanged for other properties (such as crypto).
  • These NFTs can be upgraded to higher levels, depending on the runner's achievements. High-level NFTs are more valuable than low-level NFTs.